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We use and invest in the latest advancements in digital dentistry. We are equipped with the Sirona inLab CAD/CAM system. Every step of the manufacturing process from scanning and designing digitally to the milling and final glazing procedure is done in-lab at our laboratories in California. Having the most advanced complete digital system in-house, we are able to offer restorations with any material or brand you prescribe and fabricate them with consistent digital precision.


SZ - Full Contour Solid Zirconia

Our full contour solid zirconia is virtually chip-proof and extremely durable. We offer translucent zirconia or high translucent zirconia. They are digitally designed and manufactured using CAD/CAM technology. We use our advanced computer software to design to your specific contact and contour preferences and mill with our 5-axis milling unit for a consistent precise digital fit that seats with little to no chair side adjustments. We apply a glaze to the final restoration to give it a smooth surface, which prevents plaque accumulation and wear to the opposing dentition.


BruxZir - Full Contour Solid Zirconia

When more affordability is needed, prescribe a BruxZir crown for your patient. BruxZir is the #1 prescribed brand of full contour solid zirconia in North America. We are an Authorized BruxZir Laboratory and use authentic BruxZir zirconia and BruxZir Esthetic. We apply a glaze to the final BruxZir restoration to give it a smooth surface, which prevents plaque accumulation and wear to the opposing dentition.


PFZ - Porcelain Fused to Zirconia

Our Porcelain Fused to Zirconia crown is digitally designed and milled using our in house CAD/CAM system. We use our computer software to produce a zirconia substructure with the proper design for porcelain support and use our sophisticated milling machine to mill with digital precision. Multiple powders of veneering ceramic are layered by hand over the zirconia substructure for a natural translucent restoration. We apply a final glaze to prevent plaque accumulation and wear to opposing dentition.


IPS e.max

IPS e.max is a monolithic lithium disilicate ceramic that has been optimized for translucency, durability and strength. Our IPS e.max approved, Sirona inLab system is used to design and mill with a consistent precise digital fit. We use our shade knowledge and experience when we perform the stain and glaze procedure to give the restoration a natural appearance. In situations when more translucency or a custom shade is needed, we will cutback in the appropriate areas and veneer layering ceramic over the restoration before we apply the final glaze. The smooth surface of the final e.max restoration prevents plaque buildup and opposing dentition wear.

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PFM - Porcelain Fused to Metal

Our Porcelain Fused to Metal crown is designed digitally using our computer's advanced dental software. This method gives the substructure the best design for porcelain support and a consistent precise fit. We hand layer the substructure with Dentsply Ceramco porcelain and use a custom combination of powders to achieve a natural aesthetic and translucent restoration. The glazed smooth surface of the final PFM restoration prevents plaque buildup and wear to the opposing dentition.


FMC - Full Metal Crown

Our Full Metal Crown is digitally designed using our computer's advanced dental designing software. Designing digitally provides a consistent precise fit that seats with little to no chair side adjustments to the proximal and occlusal contacts. After the designing stage, we will fabricate the restoration with your preferred alloy. We finish the FMC to a smooth surface and polish to a beautiful shine.


Night Guard

Let us help you show your patients that you genuinely care about their comfort. Your patients that grind their teeth and clench their jaws, commonly experience jaw pain and even headaches. Offer to have a custom made night guard fabricated just for them. We will construct a night guard to your occlusal plane specifications on the upper or lower arch. Our night guards will provide excellent fit and retention and will relieve the discomforts that your patients may be experiencing from grinding. Our night guards will also prevent any further destruction and wear to their existing dentition.


Sport Guard

Our custom sports mouthguards go beyond generic options, offering superior protection against chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth, as well as reducing the risk of concussions. Unlike over-the-counter alternatives, our custom-made guards are safer, easier to speak through, and more comfortable, ensuring your patient stays protected without compromising their performance. We tailor the level of protection to the specific sport, providing a personalized solution for every athlete. Whether it's gymnastics or football, our sports mouthguards are "built different" – crafted to fit the mouth perfectly for the ultimate bite and comfort.

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Clear Retainer

For your patients that just finished orthodontic treatment, prescribing a Clear Retainer is the perfect next step. Our Retainer can be made to both the upper and lower arches and will help retain the alignment of your patient's smile. Many of our doctors have us make retainers for their patients to wear as a night guard when they need it to be made with a very thin profile. Your patients will love the comfort of our retainers and how they are not very noticeable, because they are transparent.


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“I had a great experience at this lab. The owner, Darrell, provided me with great, quick service in replacing a tooth for me. The color was spot on. I would highly recommend!”

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“Wow! Darrell's beautiful work is a gift to us and our patients. We appreciate his work ethic and his kindness. We are happy Berkeley Dental Laboratory is part of our team!”

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“Darrell is friendly and is great with communication. If you need a reliable Laboratory to partner with, I highly recommend Berkeley Dental


- Dr. Scott Levine

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