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Lending a Hand

February 08, 20242 min read

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Lending a Hand

It’s the little things that make a lasting difference

As we dive into February, a month known for its warmth and connection, I've got a story to share with you of an experience I recently had. It's more than just about dental work — it's about compassion, an important value at Berkeley Dental Laboratory.

I was visiting one of our long-time doctors who was getting ready to retire. As I stopped by her office to pick up her very last case she was sending to us, I saw her packing up her practice all on her own. Her staff had already left and she was facing the challenges of this big change by herself.

I couldn't just stand there and do nothing, so I jumped in to lend a hand. Even though she didn't want to bother me, I insisted on helping. We compared our scheduled calendars and coordinated this last crown to be delivered on a day where we were both free. When I came back to make the delivery, we spent that afternoon together sorting through her practice. She was especially thankful that I was there to help her with the heavy items and equipment. It may seem like a small gesture to help, but just like in dental work — those little things really matter.

Moving day

This whole experience reminded me of how important it is to have real connections with our doctors. It's not just about the technical stuff; I believe in being a friend. Regular check-ins, keeping the communication flowing, and genuinely caring about their wellbeing lay the groundwork for trust.

Creating these relationships goes beyond just working together professionally; it's about understanding and supporting each other through both work and personal challenges. It’s so important for us to do more than just our daily tasks of providing our lab services for you.

At Berkeley Dental Laboratory, we value our long-lasting connections, built on trust and relationships. Your honest feedback, whether it's a compliment on our work or a suggestion for improvement, helps guide us towards getting even better.

Compassion is built into our partnerships. We’re not just here to provide a service; whether big or small — we’re on your side in the ups and downs of your practice. Our commitment to compassion goes beyond great restorations; it's about making a positive impact on your professional and personal journey.

I want to sincerely thank you for your trust and partnership. Your stories inspire us to create a culture of compassion and support. As we navigate the changing world of dentistry together, let's keep lifting each other up and giving each other strength.

Thank you for being part of the Berkeley Dental Laboratory family!

Darrell Lee

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Darrell Lee has been a key part of Berkeley Dental Laboratory for over three decades. In 2008 he purchased the company from its previous owners and has built it into what it has become today.

Darrell Lee

Darrell Lee has been a key part of Berkeley Dental Laboratory for over three decades. In 2008 he purchased the company from its previous owners and has built it into what it has become today.

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