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Product Highlight ips e.max

IPS e.max - Product Highlight

March 02, 20243 min read

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Our Product Highlight — IPS e.max

Preserve Natural Tooth Structure, Enhance Aesthetics, and Ensure Longevity with Lithium Disilicate Restorations. 

Hi everyone! I'm excited to start my days at the lab. It's awesome knowing that the work we do helps our doctors create amazing experiences for their patients during their dental appointments. Throughout the day, I get to work with our doctors to plan cases and ensure our patients receive the best possible care. Together, we carefully consider the most suitable materials and preparation designs for the best possible outcomes.

I've noticed a trend among some of our doctors who prioritize preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible. As a result, we've been getting quite a few cases where the doctor only needs to prep the occlusal portion of the tooth and are requesting a crown-lay to be made. Our go to material choice for this restoration is, IPS e.max.

Q: What is IPS e.max?

A: IPS e.max is a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic material. It is very versatile and has exceptional strength, durability and aesthetic properties. 

Q: Why choose IPS e.max and what are its advantages?

A:  There are many reasons to choose lithium disilicate. Below are some of the advantages that make IPS e.max a preferred choice for our doctors:

1. Strength and Durability: IPS e.max has remarkable strength, allowing for long-lasting restorations that withstand the demands of everyday use.

2. Natural Aesthetics: Its high translucency and lifelike appearance allow us to create your restorations to closely mimic natural teeth, providing our patients with aesthetically pleasing results.

3. Versatility: IPS e.max can be used for both anterior and posterior restorations, making it suitable for many of your everyday cases.

4. Minimal Tooth Preparation: Due to its strength, IPS e.max restorations often require minimal tooth reduction, preserving more of the patient's natural tooth structure.

IPS e.max

Q:  When should IPS e.max be prescribed?

A: IPS e.max is an excellent choice for many clinical situations. Below are when our doctors most commonly prescribe it:

1. Demanding cosmetic enhancement and requirements:  For patients seeking natural-looking restorations with superior aesthetics, IPS e.max is our material of choice. Whether it's for anterior veneers or full-contour crowns, we’re able to provide our doctors and patients with exceptional aesthetics, making it ideal for cosmetic enhancements.

2. High-Stress Areas and posterior restorations: In areas subject to significant biting forces or patients with bruxism, we would most commonly make a zirconia crown — however if we have a patient who is really concerned about aesthetics, IPS e.max crowns and bridges offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear, providing reliable long-term results. 

3. Minimally Invasive Dentistry:  For our doctors and patients seeking minimally invasive treatment options, IPS e.max is the perfect choice. It allows for conservative tooth preparation, preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible while still achieving optimal restoration fit and function. 

4. Metal-Free Restorations: IPS e.max provides a metal-free alternative for patients with metal allergies or sensitivities, ensuring biocompatibility and patient comfort without compromising on aesthetics or strength. 

Whether you're focused on preserving tooth structure, enhancing aesthetics, or ensuring biocompatibility, and whether you're considering a crown-lay, inlay, on-lay, veneer, crown, or bridge — our IPS e.max restorations may be the perfect choice. 

If you have any cases or questions, feel free to reach out! We're here to assist you in planning cases for the best patient outcomes.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you next month!

Darrell Lee

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Dentistrydental workdental labbay areaberkeleysan franciscoDarrell Lee
Darrell Lee has been a key part of Berkeley Dental Laboratory for over three decades. In 2008 he purchased the company from its previous owners and has built it into what it has become today.

Darrell Lee

Darrell Lee has been a key part of Berkeley Dental Laboratory for over three decades. In 2008 he purchased the company from its previous owners and has built it into what it has become today.

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